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I'm a Dutch game developer.
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Bob's Mayhem

Chaotic organisation game, made with Unity. (2021)

Bob's Mayhem is a singleplayer game in which you dig through huge piles of lost items to find items that match descriptions. The game was made in 48 hours for the Global Game Jam NL 2021 with a team of 4, and finished in third place (out of 93 submissions).

During the project I gained experience working quick and keeping the scope tiny. I came up with the initial concept (an airport lost and found facility), and I worked on the core mechanics, level design, voice acting, and the tutorial.

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Singleplayer story game, made with Unity. (2021)

Emerald was a gift for my girlfriend for our two year anniversary. It's a simple story game that breaks the fourth wall. It's about dancing in a club in covid times which is not possible in real life but is possible in a game. The art is heavily inspired by (and emulated from) Celeste.

During the project I gained experience with 2d, making pixel art, dialogue systems, and using audio for a rhythm game.


Mail Facility

VR organisation prototype, made with Unity. (2018 & 2020)

Mail Facility is a VR prototype about sorting mail using conveyer belts.

During the project I gained experience with VR basics and interactions.

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Hero's Crucible

Multiplayer battle royale RTS game, made with Unity. (2020-2021)

Hero's Crucible is a multiplayer real-time strategy game in which your goal is to be the last hero standing. The game was made for a schoolprojectover the course of 8 weeks with a team of 4, and then 8 more weeks with another team of 4. The game will be continued with by future student teams.

During the project I gained experience filling the role of creative director. I came up with the initial concept (an RTS where you move your base), I worked on the initial prototype, set up the game vision and road map, and implemented combat, selection system, unit AI, fog of war, UX, UI, and camera controls.

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Multiplayer dodgeball game, made with Unity. (2018 & 2020)

Sugondese is a multiplayer game in which 2 players battle eachother in a game of dodgeball. Rounds are fast paced, and there are different ball types, such as curveballs, bounceballs, waterballs, electricityballs, and more. The game was made for a solo schoolproject in roughly 4 weeks in 2018, and continued in 2020 to research and implement online multiplayer.

During the project I gained experience with networking, implementing methods for synchronization, hit detection and lag compensation.

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Single player experience game, made with Unity. (2020)

Decay is a single player game where you experience some of the confusion and horror that strikes someone who suffers from dementia. Greatly inspired by art from William Utermohlen and the music album 'Everywhere at the end of time' by The Caretaker, of which some songs are used in the project. The game was made for a solo schoolproject in 2 weeks.

During the project I gained experience prototyping using emotions and feelings rather than mechanics. I tried to get across the same range of emotions and feelings that someone with dementia goes through.

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Map Commander

Multiplayer RTS game prototype, made with Unity. (2020)

Map commander is a multiplayer real-time strategy game prototype. The idea is a massive world (128x128km), with lots of military units. Outside of combat, it would also include things like logistics, engineering and reconnaisance. The terrain can change during gameplay by players, which is shared over the network. The player can raise/lower terrain, or plant/remove forests. This is a pet project that I will work more on in the future. I worked on this prototype alone for 6 weeks for a school project. Read more.

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Multiplayer RTS game, made with Unity. (2019-2020)

PIT is a real-time strategy game, in which you build structures and armies, gather resources and change the landscape. You battle other factions to win the game. PIT is a work in progress by Gamious, and was already being worked on for 1.5 years by two programmers at a time. I worked on this game for half a year during my internship at Gamious.

During the internship I worked on the terrain shader, the unit silhouette shader, improved selection system, improved selection UI, improved unit state machines, pathfinding improvements, increasing visual feedback, and various refactors and rewrites.

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Path of Tribes

Singleplayer action RPG game, made with Unity. (2018-2019)

Path of Tribes is an action RPG game, in which you conquer tribes and expand your territory. Gather resources to build structures and recruit soldiers. Soldiers unlock combat abilities that get stronger the more you have. You meet other tribes in 1v1 combat, and the winner takes the territory. The game was made for a schoolproject with a team of 5.

During the project, I worked on resources, stockpiles & resource producing structures, worker units & towns, map gameplay UI & combat UI, state controllers & tribes, state controller inputs (player & AI agents), and audio (spatial audio, blending).

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Singleplayer stealth game prototype, made with Unity. (2018)

Noise is a singleplayer stealth game prototype, in which the player completes levels by sneaking past enemies. Using sound, the player can mask certain actions like opening doors, or distract enemies to pass them. The prototype was made for a schoolproject as a team in 4 hours.

During this prototype I worked on the level design, the lighting and the ambience.


Extreme Luggage Operator

Singleplayer arcade game, written in Java. (2017)

Extreme Luggage Operator is an endless singleplayer game in which you need to guide luggage to the correct airplane using conveyer belts. Every stage, there will be more suitcases, they will move quicker, and closer together. Extreme Luggage Operator was made as a team of 3 for the first project of my game development education.

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Ports and Swords

1v1 strategy board game, written in JavaScript. (2018)

Ports and Swords is a online multiplayer game inspired by Pong and Chess that I made for fun. To win, you need to either destroy both enemy ships, or enter their port. Every turn, a player gets to choose the wind direction, and then needs to move their ships according to that wind direction. The game is based on a board game which was made for a schoolproject. Check the github.


Ties van Kipshagen


T.O. van Kipshagen
+31 6 2325 9036
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Personal statement

I always get enthusiastic about projects. I'm self-critical and eager to learn, and I go for the best results using good communication. I do well independently and as part of a team, and I have skills in leadership and giving guidance to a team. People know me as a driven, open and well spoken colleague.


  • C#
  • Unity
  • Game design
  • Scrum
  • Git
  • Java
  • Kotlin
  • HTML & CSS
  • JavaScript
  • TypeScript
  • Android Studio
  • Web Design
  • Presenting
  • Google Docs, Sheets, Slides
  • Dutch and English (both C2)


  • 2017 – Current
    ICT Game Development - Hogeschool van Amsterdam
  • 2016 – 2017
    Computer Science - Delft University of Technology
  • 2009 – 2016
    Murmellius Gymnasium


  • 2017 – Current
    Game developer intern - Gamious
  • 2016 – 2017
    Android developer intern - Plat4mation
  • 2014 – Current
    Owner and administrator - Zeus Operations
  • 2011 – 2015
    Event organizer - Murmellius Gymnasium event committee